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Highlands World: Lorenza

Latitude: SouthernLongitude: (8) 315°Time Zone: -21hrs (KL)
Area: 450,710 kmsq
Long axis: 460 kmShort axis: 377 km
Inclination cw 13°
Current: 323,785At Convocation: 290,566
Inter-Highland Connections:
Airlinerleavesondocks ondeparts forarriving on
Blueliner IliumFriday Satday AuroraMonday
Goldliner AuroraTusday Wenday SP/IliumDurday
Greenliner JakobeeZonday Monday CalearaWenday
Orangeliner Caleara/SPDurday Friday JakobeeSatday
Cable from Sam City to Epona, Ilium (17 km)
Cities and Villages
Buena Vista: airport and capital
Sam City: skycar to Ilium
Culture and Politics
Agriculture and Industry

Aurora Berlan Caleara Dekada Edo Fermi
Giardin Hanife Ilium Jakobee Kensau Lorenza

Highlands World in Crisis:

Imminence: (Volume I)

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