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Highlands World: Hanife

Latitude: NorthernLongitude: (6) 225°Time Zone: -15hrs (HI)
Area: 556,758 kmsq
Long axis: 443 kmShort axis: 332 km
Inclination ccw 14°
Current: 512,542At Convocation: 467,423
Inter-Highland Connections:
Airlinerleavesondocks ondeparts forarriving on
Greenliner Edo/NPFriday Satday JakobeeZonday
Orangeliner JakobeeSatday Zonday EdoMonday
Blackliner GiardinZonday Monday NP/KensauTusday
Purpleliner KensauDurday Friday GiardinSatday
Cable from Terminus to Upway, Jakobee (10 km)
Northern temperate climate Hardwoo forests: of oak, maple and hickory on norther extreme with pine, spruce and scattered aspen on the northern hip and northside. Maples give way to graslands and bamboo along the southern hip. Southside mostly grassland
Settled during the great expansion of the late first century.
Cities and Villages
Fairtown: airport city
Teminus: cable to Jakobee
Culture and Politics
Ruled by hereditary monarchy of the Nelson family until 320
Overthrown by Jackson who ruled until the Second Dragon War.
Agriculture and Industry
Main exports: Maize (corn) products and grain. Had a thriving electronics industry until the 1st War,

Aurora Berlan Caleara Dekada Edo Fermi
Giardin Hanife Ilium Jakobee Kensau Lorenza

Highlands World in Crisis:

Imminence: (Volume I)

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