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Highlands World: Dekada

Latitude: MiddleLongitude: (3) 90°Time Zone: -6hrs (D)
Area: 427,446 kmsq
Average diameter 331 km (approx avg.)
Current: 391,475At Convocation: 338,867
Inter-Highland Connections:
Airlinerleavesondocks ondeparts forarriving on
Greenliner CalearaWenday Durday EdoFriday
Orangeliner EdoMonday Tusday CalearaWenday
Redliner BerlanFriday Satday FermiZonday
Greyliner FermiWenday Friday BerlanSatday
Cable from Hiway to Ladder, Berlan (8 km)
Cable from Tocal to Climb, Caleara (24 km)
Subtropical grassland on Outside Bamboo forests on the east and north side.Giant bamboo dominates the westside forests and also the western end of southside.
Cities and Villages
Central City: airport city
Hiway: cable city to Berlan
Tocal: cable city to Caleara
Thousands of Rancheroes with populations of 100 to 500.
Culture and Politics
Monarchy The rancheroes are feudal entities populated by a ruling family together with their serfs and slaves and freeholders.
Agriculture and Industry
Heavy lumber (bamboo) industry many small independent furniture factories owned and operated by rancheroes.

Aurora Berlan Caleara Dekada Edo Fermi
Giardin Hanife Ilium Jakobee Kensau Lorenza

Highlands World in Crisis:

Imminence: (Volume I)

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