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Highlands World: Berlan

Latitude: NorthernLongitude: (2) 45°Time Zone: -3hrs (BC)
Area: 518,968 kmsq
Long axis: 537 kmShort axis: 277 km
Inclination ccw 15°
Current: 427,512At Convocation: 387,567
Inter-Highland Connections:
Airlinerleavesondocks ondeparts forarriving on
Blueliner AuroraMonday Tusday NP/EdoWenday
Goldliner EdoSatday Zonday AuroraTusday
Redliner Kensau/NPWenday Friday DekadaSatday
Greyliner DekadaFriday Satday KensauZonday
Cable from Ladder to Hiway, Dekada (8 km)
Cable from Slipper to Georgetown, Kensau (11 km)
Northern Temperate Large areas of Hardwood forest Extensive tall-grass prairie Mild winter Hot Summer
One of first three settled. "B" was considered by the emerging settlers to be the wildest of the Highlands because of the settlers frequent sighting of bears (Kodiak browns and large black bears.) Although not officially confirmed it is thought that the original settlers used the name Bearland which later became modified to the more modern usage Berlan.
Cities and Villages
Ursa: air-terminal,
Major: Capital (ajoins Ursa)
Ladder: cable village to Dekada
Slipper: cable town to Kensau
Culture and Politics
Dicatorial Republic
Agriculture and Industry
Genered grains grow wild and are harvested by "Reapers" (harvesting coops). Berlan is a major exporter of grain and beer.

Aurora Berlan Caleara Dekada Edo Fermi
Giardin Hanife Ilium Jakobee Kensau Lorenza

Highlands World in Crisis:

Imminence: (Volume I)

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