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Highlands World: Recovery

For 141 years terraforming missions have gone out from earth and back in time using the time regression effect. A successful mission results in an earthlike planet ready for colonization. The 50th and for now, likely last mission launched four years ago and three years later, was recovered, resulting in the creation of the world Airian. Forty-one missions were successes. Six were recovered but did not result in a successful terraformed planet. Five missions were considered "lost" as they did not report back at the designated three year mark. The most famous of those five is Mission 13, Shepherd's World which was rediscovered 17 years late. Missions 7 and 31 have still not been found. Their fate is unknown. Mission 15, of course was found when Shepherd"s World (mission 13) was rediscovered. But the recovery of the Airian mission brought welcome news.
What has been kept secret until now is that during their voyage, they intercepted messages sent from Mission 43, the fifth "lost" mission. They were unable to divert their path to investigate because the signals originated from inward, but upon their own recovery they brought back the coordinates of 43. A investigative mission was dispatched and has just returned. Here is information excerpted from their report.

Highlands World in Crisis:

Imminence: (Volume I)

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